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Top 5 Reasons to Refurbish Your OEM Fuel Injectors
1. Most cost eficient, nearly a fraction of the cost of a new one.
2. OEM injectors insure arignal factory fuel flow setting.
3. Most injectors don't fail, they just become obstructed.
4. Test results will show reason for failure when suspected.
5. Failing emmissions, misfiring, hard starting or engine overhaul.
Recondition Your Fuel Injectors to
Like-New Condition!
Guaranteed to be as Good or Better than Factory!
Removing the injectors form the vehicle, to service them, is the only way to verify that ech injector is doing it's job.
Same Day Turn Around
(In most cases)
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Refurbishing starting at $20
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Diesel Injector Cleaning Services
At Injector Pro we are able to offer Diesel Injector Cleaning, although we are not abe to Pressure Test & Flow them.  Our Cleaning Services have offered our customers some great results.  Because Diesel Injectors are mechanical, we are able to disassemble them and Power Clean them in our Industrial Use, Continuous-Energy Ultrasonic Cleaner.  The Results are Amazing!  We are able to replace internal and external o-rings.  We also have internal parts available for quick repair when required.
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